Elisabeth Bumiller and John Broder of the NYT mislead for McCain (heckled over immigration)

Elisabeth Bumiller and John Broder of the New York Times mislead on behalf of John McCain in their story "McCain and Romney Tangle Over Job Losses in Michigan" (link).
Mr. McCain was loudly heckled at an appearance in Livonia when he said that the nation's 10 million illegal immigrants had to be treated humanely and not deported en masse. The catcalls eventually died down.
That paragraph implies that those heckling him were doing so because they wanted illegal aliens to be treated inhumanely and they wanted mass deportations. I don't know any of the people at the event, and I've so far been unable to find video or a non-MSM first report from the event, but I think it's safe to say that at least the first is not true. The second might also be false as well: those who booed may support an alternative to a massive amnesty and mass deportations, such as attrition. Of course, the MSM has a habit of ignoring that option.

I think it's also safe to say that those New York Times "reporters" misled on John McCain's behalf in an attempt to portray those who support our laws as inhumane yahoos. And, the implication is that deporting someone is "inhumane" is an attempt to block enforcement.

And, there are more than 10 million illegal aliens here; McCain himself says that there are 12 million, and that the "two million of them who have committed crimes have to be rounded up and deported immediately" (GOP debate, link). So, McCain himself supports mass deportations.

While waiting expectantly for video, here's a CBS report from Dante Higgins (link), which makes up for the possible lie by the NYT with a lack of specificity and an example of the MSM's complete failure to ask follow-ups to audience questions:
"Maam, you've got to be polite, I'll be polite to you. I'll even call on you next," McCain said. He then continued his response when someone yelled out again.

"Ahh come on give it a rest," he said before explaining how he would address 10 million people left in the country after 2 million were deported automatically. More voices shouted back from the crowd, "How many taxes do you want to spend?"

McCain stopped and said "I will secure the border... I am not going to call up a soldier and tell him I am deporting his mother... I'm not going to do it. You can do it," he said to applause before moving on to the next question.

On the bus after the event McCain told to reporters, "That was fun!"
Hopefully it'll be even funner when he loses. Note that his unique example is similar to a trick he played during the last debate (transcript link above):
The three G.I.s who were missing last year in action, one of them was still missing in action, his wife was about to be deported from this country. I'm not going to deport the wife of a fighting serviceman who's missing in action. I'm going to handle it in a humane, compassionate fashion.
Todd Spangler of the Detroit Free Press is apparently trying for a job at the NYT (link):
Many in the crowded auditorium were clearly upset when McCain said some 10 million illegal immigrants would have to be dealt with fairly and humanely and not shipped wholesale out of the country...

He said the president must first secure the borders, deport any criminals here illegally and develop some kind of temporary guest worker program. Then, those here illegally would have to apply to stay--but would go to the back of the line for applications.

One person yelled about the tax costs of allowing illegal immigrants to remain. Another shouted, "what about your culture and language?" In the end, McCain simply repeated what he has said before, that he won't deport some people--like the mother of a soldier fighting in Iraq, for example.
Hugh Gallagher of the Detroit Hometown Weekly says:
It was during a question on immigration that McCain received the most negative reception. Several people booed and shouted against his support for a guest worker program, even as he told the audience that he believed securing the borders was the first priority.


I'd boo him because I think he has betrayed my family, and that he should be tried for treason, convicted, and executed. I'd also boo because I want the 20-40 million invaders ejected, not welcomed and subsidized. If only McCain and reporters could be so honest about what they really think.

I think we can easily give a pass to illegal alien mothers who have children serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, there can't be more than a relative handful. Obviously this is pure demogoguery on McCain's part.

yes any guy who came here with his family from any third world hell and now in Iraq and is doing his duty has the right to stay here. that is maybe a 1000 guys at the most. but any guy who is doing evil acts here most be removed at once with his family.

Also please keep in mind that McCain is traveling around Michigan with Carly Fiorina, the former H-P CEO who was paid $20 million to leave. She's the one who said that US citizens need to get it through our heads that we are no longer entitled to jobs in the US. Is that McCain's view too? If so, that straight-talkin' man needs to say so!