Dallas Morning News/Rod Dreher names "The Illegal Immigrant" Texan of the Year

The Dallas Morning News - in an essay written by Rod Dreher - has named "The Illegal Immigrant" as their Texan of the Year (link).

In response to what was likely a barrage of emails, their Keven Ann Willey says:

I fear that many of the people upset over our choice for Texan of the Year have read only the headline of the essay and not its content. The essay makes it clear that we're not glorifying the illegal immigrant

Thankfully, the commenters at the last link have spared me from taking the article apart, including comments like this:

Your last sentence, which puts your stamp of opinion on the issue, gives your game away: "How we deal with the stranger among us says not only who we Americans are today but determines who we will become tomorrow." This is standard issue "campassionate conservative" evangelical speak...

Some suggest boycotting the DMN and their affiliated TV stations. More comments on this here, here, and here.


How can non-texans be texans of the year? Do you think this will make anyone mad enough to cancel their subscription? Think of the lost revenue behind this idiocy, and smile as they go down in flames in the marketplace, just like the LA Times.