Bob Herbert/NYT condemns plan no one is calling for (NPR's Soviet-style question about turning in illegal aliens)

Bob Herbert of the New York Times offers "Spies Like You and Me", in which he valiantly speaks out against plans for average citizens to turn in suspected illegal aliens. His starting point for the condemnation was the question that NPR asked at their debate.

The only problem is that no national figure is calling on average citizens to call ICE on random dishwashers and such.

In fact, NPR's question was a strawman argument and helped show that they have no knowledge of this issue. It was also akin to Soviet-style debates, in which the Politburo wrote both the questions and the answers. Anyone in their right mind would know how the candidates would respond, and they did so in the expected fashion. "Do you agree that this Five Year Plan is the greatest plan yet?" was probably never answered with a "no".

Herbert is too stupid or too disingenuous to figure that out.

Click his name at the link and then click "Send an E-Mail to Bob Herbert" to ask him to specify which it is.


'This country needs to cool it on the immigration front.' i.e. you're getting a little too participatory in democracy for us elites. shut up and leave it to your corrupt government. 'Solutions to immigration problems need to come from rationally thought-out and compassionate government policies' i.e., 'you're supposed to be here or you're not' immigration law is too simple to be rational. An immigration policy must have no consequences for the violator at all. i am referring to the alien--the concept of big business and illegal employers being culprits escapes my thinking in the wake of all my pity and sanctimony.

If immigration is such an important issue for Americans, why isn't Tancredo above 2%?

How does a guy with four surnames qualify to make an opinion about anything, dumbass? Fact is every candidate is trying to out Tancredo the Tancredo himself. So much for your logic. And let's not forget Tancredo has 90 members of congress in his Immigration Reform Caucus on board. How many members of congress does your beloved Hispanic [sic] Caucus full of brown racists have? Answer: 20. And membership to this caucus is not based upon any policy position, but the color of your congressmen's skin, just like Nationalist Socialist party of 1930's Germany. Tancredo is a man. You sir, are some cowardly racist with 4 surnames.

If you had lived under a soviet system of total madness you would hate that style of evil government, my brother is still living in Moscow ask him. fight for the right to live in the light and not under some third world evil BS.