David Brooks pines for Rudy Giuliani's illegal immigration supporting days

David Brooks offers "The Real Rudy" (link), most of which consists of a series of now-infamous Rudy Giuliani pro-illegal immigration quotes. I half-expected him to try to explain them away, but I wasn't too surprised that he explicitly supports that side of Rudy, calling someone who supported illegal activity "moderate". And, he says that by currently at least making noises about opposing illegal immigration, both Rudy and Mitt Romney are "competing to drive away Hispanic votes". Brooks is too shallow and too much of a hack to admit that not all Hispanics support illegal activity, and that importing people who do support illegal activity out of racial solidarity reasons is not good public policy. On the other hand, those Republicans who support our immigration laws are refered to as "the narrowest slice of the old guard".

More in "David Brooks: What happened to the open-borders Rudy I used to know and love?":

...I bet if we adopt the entire Democratic platform we can make a real race of it before next year.

Perhaps Brooks is actually smarter than it might appear and he's highlighting these quotes as a way to hurt Rudy's chances. Although, I'd say the chances of him doing that are rather slim.


its pointless the system wants this nation to become Mexico and soon people will get that point and when people understand why people will do nothing but talk and soon that talk will become total slients, that is how a third world is made.