GAO on Custom and Border Patrol failings (just waving people through)

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From this:
A video made during an investigation by the U.S. Government Accountability Office shows a stream of Mexicans strolling through the border into the U.S. as federal Custom and Border Patrol agents sit staring at "information on computer screens."

On another of the videos recorded at eight entry points across the country, an agent was reportedly waving aliens through the lane without "looking at them, making verbal contact or inspecting travel documents."
The GAO director of homeland security and justice issues, Richard Stana, testified before Congress last week and said those weren't just isolated incidents. And, while funding is part of the reason, Stana says it goes deeper:
"Emphasis is not being placed on all missions, and there is a failure by some of its officers to recognize the threat associated with dangerous people and goods entering the country."


What? There was nobody there directing them to the WIC booth? Or giving out NY drivers licenses? How uncivilized.