National League of Cities awards New Haven's IDs for illegal aliens scheme

New Haven, Connecticut is handing out ID cards to illegal aliens, and not only does their mayor John DeStefano have a possible financial incentive, but the city worker who pushed the plan through previously headed a non-profit that is/was collaborating with the Mexican government.

Now, the Washington DC lobbying group National League of Cities and their partner CH2M Hill have given them one of their "2007 Awards for Municipal Excellence":

The Elm City Immigration Project in New Haven is a series of innovative, comprehensive and far-reaching policies and initiatives aimed at strengthening the relationship between the city and its immigrant community while improving public safety... The award winners were selected by a panel of judges, including Karen Anderson, former president, National League of Cities; Janet Areson, Virginia Municipal League; Cy Behroozi, Brookings Institution; Jacqueline Byers, National Association of Counties; Del D. Borgsdorf, Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce; Saul Ramirez Jr., National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials; Carol Rhea, American Planning Association; and Toni Samuel, American Society of Public Administration.

Please let the president of the NLC (Indianapolis mayor Bart Peterson) know what you think of the NLC giving their imprimatur to NH's corrupt scheme:


Lonewacko, What is the point of contacting INDIANAPOLIS MAYOR BART PETERSON???? The electorate of of Marion County/Indianapolis already has spoken!!! They threw the two time Democratic mayor out of office in a stunning upset. They also threw out the Democratic city council. Peterson's opponent Greg Ballard had little official GOP or major Media support. So the states Loyal Bushie Governor Mitch Daniels has to shitting his pants over next year's reelection as well. Also the stridently pro-Open Borders Indianapolis Star(Gannet) was backing Peterson. The Star came up looking pretty stupid for discounting the possiblity of a crushing Peterson defeat. If it was not for their pretty decent local sports coverage, "Go Colts", the paper would be in the toliet. The conventional wisdom of local and national media is that the sole decisive issue was a poorly thought out property tax increase proposal sparking public outrage and revolt sank Peterson. But nobody in town honestly believes that Peterson's furthering of the decades old "buy-partisan" Sanctuary city policies were not a significant underlying and contributing factor. Just wait and see what happens next. There will be a major fight between Ballard and the City Council with the previously elected Democratic County Sheriff with whom Peterson placed executive authority over control of the Indianapolis Metropolitian Police Department . The IMPD does not like the Sanctuary city policy. If Ballard gets its way it will be up to him to scrap the city's pro-Open Borders policies as he promised.

Its hopeless the system is insane and our Political Leaders want the Mexican system of evil here and if people just stand around that is what this so called nation will become, one big Mexico.

Again it is hard to disagree with Fred's take on this.