Nutroots: Blue America PAC joins with Mexico-linked group to support illegal immigration (anti-Rahm Emanuel)

The Blue America PAC - a nutroots/netroots group composed of Firedoglake, Down with Tyranny (run by Howie Klein), Crooks and Liars, and Digby - has apparently decided to make Rahm Emanuel look mainstream by comparison. They're launching a campaign to "fight for the soul of the Democratic Party on immigration issue", i.e., to support massive illegal immigration and an amnesty [1]. Their first ad accuses Emanuel of "betraying" "immigrants" by not opposing the deportation of someone. While her case isn't explained - they usually aren't, at least factually - it sounds like she entered the U.S. illegally. [It gets even worse, see the UPDATE]

Further, Blue America is joining with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, a group whose president is linked to the Mexican government.

I've left a total of three comments (one on FDL, two on DWT) pointing that link out, so clearly the fact that those bloggers are now in turn indirectly linked to the Mexican government isn't considered that big of an issue. I suggest pointing out their new link when they alone or together issue future pronouncements on this issue.

UPDATE: For completeness' sake, I'll point out that the comment I left at appeared and then disappeared; I added it again and it remains there as of 11/15. However, a similar comment I left at the later post appeared but isn't there now.

As for Blue America's victim of our immigration policies, she was using someone else's identity. Even Mark Brown's hugely sympathetic plea can't avoid the basic facts (link):

[Teresa Figueroa is] a convicted felon awaiting probable deportation... Two years ago, the real Lucia Peraida [the name Figueroa was using] complained to Elmhurst Police that somebody at Micron was using her name and Social Security number. Peraida, of Chicago, had learned this when the Internal Revenue Service accused her of failing to report income from Micron that left her with a $3,566 tax liability...

Oddly enough, the Blue America gang don't disclose that she was convicted of identity theft and that there was a victim. I'd suggest pointing that out to their readers if the opportunity presents itself.



They wouldn't care if you found a link to Satan himself. That's how much they care about souls.

This is great news provided they endorse Hillary.