Andres Oppenheimer threatens "Latino intifada" without massive illegal alien amnesty

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Andres Oppenheimer of the Miami Herald threatens the United States and gives the strongest argument yet made for never giving amnesty and for working to completely stop further illegal immigration in what's called here "Pressure on immigrants could erupt in anger":
The rapid escalation of U.S. anti-immigration hysteria - fueled by ratings-hungry cable-television hotheads and leading Republican presidential hopefuls - is a dangerous trend: It may lead to a Latino intifada with the potential to rock this nation in the not-so-distant future.

Remember the Palestinian intifada of the early 1990s, when thousands of frustrated young Palestinians took to the streets and threw stones at Israeli troops? Remember the French intifada of the summer of 2005, in which disenfranchised Muslim youths burned cars and stores in the suburbs of Paris?

If we are not careful, we may see something similar coming from the estimated 13 million undocumented immigrants in the United States, most of them Latino, who are increasingly vilified in the media, forced further into the underground by spineless politicians and not given any chance to legalize their status by a pusillanimous U.S. Congress.

We are creating an underclass of people who won't leave this country and, realistically, can't be deported. They and their children are living with no prospect of earning a legal status, no matter how hard they work for it. Many of them will become increasingly frustrated, angry, and some of them eventually may turn violent...
In effect, Oppenheimer is saying that we've been invaded and settled, and we must capitulate to avoid bloodshed. If we do capitulate, that will only lead to more and greater capitulations in the future. The only way out of this situation that preserves the structure of the U.S. is to back away slowly by gradually deporting illegal aliens, encouraging those here now to leave, and discouraging any more illegal immigration.

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Listen people buy weapons you will need one soon the system is about to attack you.

What's funny about that is if someone said the EXACT SAME THING as an argument AGAINST open borders/amnesty they would be verbally flogged. Can you imagine if, e.g., Lou Dobbs ever uttered the phrase 'Latino intifada' what the reaction would be? Not just the Mark Potoks of the world would be calling for his head. Maybe this guy can be McCain's campaign manager down in Florida?

Like I have been saying folks the Democratic party has climbed on to the back of a tiger and is scared shitless to get off. Now that it is obvious that no future amnesties will be passed the fuse has all but been lit. Watch for all hell to break loose at the Democratic convention in Denver.

Ohhh noooooooo! Pleeeeeease Ladeeenyos, please don't riot before the elections! The evil racists want you to wait until 2050. But you must do it now to ensure your victory. Right now.

Oppenheimer is a Latino Jew [1].

[1] en.wikipedia . org/wiki/Category:Argentine_Jews

Guys like this keep the anti-illegal movement going in the right direction. Personally, I think that getting illegals out of the shadows and into the streets is a good thing. It's easier to round them up that way.

The key to getting rid of 15 million illegals is to severely punish ALL people who hire illegals. Once the jobs are gone, they will leave and not come back. The fence is nice but we MUST cut off the job supply.

It's more than 15M, and it will take more than cutting off the jobs and building a wall. But that would be a good start.

At first OppenheimerÂ’s irresponsible column made my blood boil. But then, after I had re-read it several times, I realized that he unwittingly had made the argument for deportation. Why would any sane American be in favor of giving legal status to a group of people who would riot and harm others when they donÂ’t get their way? Thanks, Andres. I am more convinced after reading your column that the illegals must go.

I thank God every day for the second amendment....bring it on bitches.

The poiltical/Race/war and fun times solution to all this BS Is in mass blood here inside never-never land and the oblteration of 40 million enemies of freedom and all the helpers who hate our freedoms. if you get the little ones you stop the big ones...only joking I think? PEOPLE WE ARE ALL "F"..We have no government and the statement coming out of the fools running this joke is proof positive we have no real government working for us..SEE END GAME By Alex Jones.

Not just weapons. Ammo, gun cleaning supplies, basic gunsmithing tools as well.

If the illegals want to riot, let them riot! Then we put them in jail and deport them. And 100 million more Americans are convinced that deportation is the only way to deal with these lawbreakers.