Fox GOP October 21 debate had only two offhand immigration questions

Last night's Fox New GOP "debate" only had two, offhand questions about immigration matters, and one of those was in response to something Fred Thompson said (transcript link). Their September debate at least had a section devoted to the topic, even if all the questions they asked were weak.

Obviously, immigration is a vital topic and many Americans are concerned about it. Yet, all the media can offer is the occasional question designed simply to elicit stock responses and none that I've seen have been willing to ask the candidates about the specific flaws in their specific policies and in a way designed to avoid stock speeches. And, I have a great deal of trouble believing that that isn't intentional: asking tough questions about this topic would cost powerful forces money and power, so real questions are off the table.

I once again urge everyone reading this to go to campaign appearances, ask the questions the MSM won't ask, and then upload the response to video sharing sites. If enough people do that we can make immigration a campaign issue.

In the debate, Fred Thompson mentioned that he had voted against sanctuary cities and that Rudy Giuliani had sued to fight that. Rudy responds:

Oh, the simple fact is that New York City had a policy of allowing people who are illegal immigrants to report crime and to put their children in school. Otherwise, we reported every single illegal immigrant that committed a crime.

Everyone in the U.S. has probably already memorized what he said right after that:

The results had to be pretty darn good. I brought down crime by over 60 percent in New York City. I brought down homicide by 67 percent. I had the most legal city in the country. And I took the crime capital of America and I turned it into the safest large city in the country.

I wonder: if he becomes president will we have to have that paragraph tattooed on our foreheads?

The only formal question about immigration was to Tancredo:

...your health care plans seems intended to show how tough you would be on illegal immigration. Your concerns involve the illegal immigrants using our hospital emergency rooms. The RAND Corporation says that illegal immigrants account for about 1.5 percent of the nation's health care costs.

These debates are, in fact, "show debates" that might as well have taken place in the Soviet Union.


Who cares? There are going to be somewhere near one hundred debates. The topic of immigration will get plenty of coverage. I actually enjoyed hearing about education, gay marriage, tort reform, social security, Russia, and other topics that don't get as much coverage as immigration. Immigration has been covered plenty in every debate, and it gets plenty of air time. No one is perfect and I think it is nit picking to say that this debate needed more immigration. One could say it needed more about Iraq as well, but frankly both topics have been covered plenty and it is also good to hear them trade jabs on other topics. Everything needs to be debated not just immigration and Iraq.

well its normal the system is under control by our enemies and if you can't see that you are a fool. ask how the system is being controlled by using people who think that the real questions are being asked, just look at who is who in the news BS Ask who lives next door to who, look at the system and you will see the facts in front of your face.

FOX has gone to the other side. Look at how they treated Michele Malkin--allowing the mustached Racist Geraldo to spout ugliness to her for wanting to enforce the law!!(He said he would spit in her face if he saw her in person!) I have lost faith in Fox as of a long time ago. They abandoned the issue of illegals during the amnesty push and have continued down that road...They have joined the enemy!

Many the enemy is the system that we are forced to live under until the day comes when we will not be needed if you know what i mean? concentration camps are in all are futures who say no to the third world rulers.