Diane Sawyer/Good Morning America in Mexico on Columbus Day

On Monday, October 8 (Columbus Day), Diane Sawyer from Good Morning America (newsbusters.org/node/14050) will be "reporting" from Mexico on immigration. Why, the segment practically writes itself. While I don't watch the show and won't be tuning in, I expect it will basically be a "nation of immigrants" propaganda piece and she won't be featuring anything remotely approaching real reporting, such as Mexico's role in encouraging emigration in order to profit from the money that illegal aliens in the U.S. send home.

UPDATE: Here's the transcript of a biased report from Claire Shipman that ran on today's GMA:
(Link in that form because I've twice tried to register for their site and twice heard nothing back.)

10/8/07 UPDATE: Things went largely as expected, while it wasn't a complete puff piece (she asked Felipe Calderon about remittances) it was basically propaganda designed to support those who, in one way or another, are profiting from illegal immigration. Transcript here:


If it is anything at all like her "reporting" from North Korea, it is likely to be an embarassment.

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