Pandering prescribed: Bush admin hack learns Univision, Spanish media biased against GOP

Leslie Sanchez ("director of the White House Initiative on Hispanic Education from 2001-2003") reads Univision's site and finds out that they're biased against the GOP, despite all the pandering that the Republicans have done. While she doesn't indicate anything beyond outreaching to the Spanish media, one can assume that she wants the GOP to try to out-pander the Democrats by stressing social issues (abortion, etc.) and promising immigration "reform" (aka, an amnesty). Needless to say, that won't work: no matter how the GOP panders, the Dems will always be able to offer a better pander. What the GOP needs to do is take on Univision and point out the ways that they and the Dems are wrong; with a Bush administration that usually acts like the Dems, that's a bit difficult.
...If their views were presented fairly, it's likely that Republicans would connect with Hispanic voters. That may be why the network's news coverage often downplays issues that make Hispanics dislike Democrats (abortion, same-sex marriage, taxes) and sensationalizes the immigration issue as a way of demonizing Republicans -- even those who are not anti-immigrant.

Rudy Giuliani, who is attacked by some for making New York a "sanctuary city" for illegal immigrants during his time as mayor, was blasted as anti-inmigrante in a recent op-ed by star reporter Maria Elena Salinas on Univision's Web site. Apparently the mayor earned the label because he was tough on crime and supports border security, notwithstanding the fact that he carried 43% of New York City's Hispanic vote (a bloc that tends to be heavily Democratic) when he ran for re-election in 1997.

...Univision isn't alone. Bias is a problem throughout Spanish media. In South Carolina, Rep. Bob Inglis, a Republican and supporter of the failed comprehensive immigration reform bill, was surprised to see a December 2005 headline in El Periodico Latino that, when translated, read: "BAD NEWS FOR IMMIGRANTS: Congressman Inglis will support President Bush's position on immigration." Of course, the Bush plan was the most pro-immigration proposal on the table.

Univision is the largest and most important part of the Spanish-language media, yet it features some of the most unbalanced political news coverage on television and it continues its leftward drift. Marcela Salazar, a former staffer for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was hired recently as the producer on Univision's new political show, "Al Punto," which is hosted by two left-wing journalists. A Democratic friend of mine, who works as a strategist for a Democratic presidential campaign, told me last week: "She'll do us a lot of good there."


Stupid globalist bots final realize they're slated for obsolescence too.

It's difficult to imagine that millions upon millions of people in our world today --- who are Hispanic/Latino -- are foolish enough to conclude that to be an "immigrant" is to be "Hispanic" and that both are definitions of lawful behavior (neither guarantees legitimacy as to immigration). The Hispanic propaganda media works this issue overtime: to repeatedly associate "immigrant" where "illegal immigrant" is the issue, and to label law enforcement efforts and goals in the U.S. as being "anti-immigrant" when the issue is "anti-violation-of-our-U.S.-laws" (to include illegal immigration, illegal aliens). The Democrats are ever so eager to reinforce this propaganda, to capitalize on this degree of public-influence that misleads, agitates and misinforms the public...and they do so FOR POLITICAL LEVERAGE. Just like Castro, just like Hugo Chavez, just like Mexico's Communist Party, like various other (mostly Hispanic, woefully) revolutionary movements that the Islamofascists are eager to MeetUp with (and have). The Democrats, do, indeed, service an insurgent process against the U.S. There is little room to perceive the DNC today -- as also their political candidates and legislative goals -- with anything but a Communist/Marxist revolutionary process. To some among the Democrats, "revolutionary process" equates with "change" as in, "it's a good thing." We always need change as a nation, improvements, but what we don't need are lying thieves eager to ruin. I can't find anything today to respect about the Democrats, regardless of how many illustrious celebrities and political madmen they associate with.

But I really do wonder why "Hispanics/Latinos" cannot think outside the box of their "race" (actually, their ethnicity). I suspect there's a fringe element who promotes the Hispanic ethnic-supremacist perspectives and methods but to read the media, it does present the appearance that to be Hispanic is to be unstable, to be unable to think and perceive as to individuals.