Two arrested at immigration protest (Nancy Pelosi, Elvira Arellano)

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Elvira Arellano is truly the gift that keeps on giving, even when she's thousands of miles away:
An 8-year-old boy led 200 chanting, singing immigration activists to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office today armed with a letter begging the California Democrat to take action to stop deportations.

Saul Arellano, the son of recently deported illegal alien Elvira Arellano, marched through the halls of Congress to reach Mrs. Pelosi's quarters on the second floor of the Cannon House Office Building accompanied by a klatch of TV cameras. He had just come from a press conference in the Rayburn House Office Building where his mother was compared with civil rights activists such as Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and slavery abolitionist Harriet Tubman...

...Once at the speaker's office, however, the child ran into a problem: Mrs. Pelosi's office was already occupied by about 40 anti-war protestors who weren't budging. The bewildered child stopped dead in his tracks while immigration activists clustered around and a security guard inside the congresswoman's office shut the door...
Emma Lozano proceeded to tape the letter to the door. According to this there were two arrests for disordly conduct. Not only that, but Pelosi is in Oregon. And, they were carrying a large Mexican and a large Puerto Rican flag.

UPDATE: A Lou Dobbs report on the incident is here. In DC, Rev. Walter Coleman compares immigration enforcement to "ethnic cleansing", and, at a related protest in Chicago, Carl Rosen from the United Electrical Workers union promises "large demonstrations" from "many, many workers" if DHS goes ahead with their no-match letters plan.


Wonderful the "Chosen Race" now has the right to bum rush our Capital Hill police with only minor repercussions. Pelosi and the Sargent of Arms should catch hell for tolerating this nonsense. As a former Chicago resident, the last thing the Democrats need is for the entire country to have the chance to get to know the activist hustler Slim Coleman, he could make Al Sharpton on his worst day look like a boy scout.

And why wasn't Saul in school? Home schooling by the good pastor Slim perhaps? Hmm. Anyone called CPS, yet? Just sayin'...

Edward, It is worse than that they had a whole gaggle of kids with Saulito in the lead singing Springteen's Born In The USA as a defiant expression of their Anchor Baby status. Of course some of the kids did not know the words in English. So there was a entire classroom of potential future drop outs missing schools. Let's name the repeal of the Anchor Baby loophole - legal misinterpretation after Saulito.

Yes the Revolution is moving but why not in mexico? if the people of mexico really want real political changes why not go after the mexican government?, the reason why is the people of mexico and the third world want us removed and want soveraignty for the third world rulers here and now.

I object to the term Anchor Baby. It is inaccurate. From now on please refer to them as Invader Babies [1].


Next they will blow up natural gas pipelines here, too?