Judge Maxine Chesney blocks no-match (ACLU, AFL-CIO)

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Spencer S. Hsu of the Washington Post offers the falsely titled "Immigrant Crackdown Halted":
A federal judge yesterday barred the Bush administration from launching a crackdown Tuesday on U.S. employers who hire illegal immigrants while she considers a lawsuit by the AFL-CIO that charges that the plan will harm citizens and other legal workers.

The ruling, issued by U.S. District Judge Maxine M. Chesney in San Francisco, prohibits the Department of Homeland Security from starting to mail notices to 140,000 employers about suspect Social Security numbers. The "no- match" letters warn of penalties employers face by having discrepancies in their paperwork.
Another group involved in the TRO request was, naturally, the American Civil Liberties Union, a group indirectly linked to the Mexican government.

As could be expected, the WaPo doesn't consider the possibility that the Bush administration might welcome this:
The ruling dealt at least a temporary political setback to President Bush, who announced the workplace initiative Aug. 9 as the centerpiece of a renewed enforcement push.


hey people we all know that most things are BS, ITS ALL about the dismantling this nation and the end game is the North American Union, that is the game, "And come on people we all know that most things are falsely titled", its normal in a nation that is starting to fall-apart and the next crackdown will be on freedom and the ideals of laws that help people to fight evil doers. and may God help you all.

The theatrics here are astounding. First Bush pretends he's doing something against the invasion, when in reality what he's doing is riling up businesses to support the invasion. The media dutifully mischaracterizes this sham as a "crackdown". (Here\'s a precedent worthy of the word crackdown [1].) And then, right on cue, the invasion's legal arm steps in to make certain no invaders will ever be effected by the "crackdown". Bravo! Pass the popcorn. When do the "workers" come marching on stage? (On a workday of course.)

[1] www.csmonitor.com/2006/0706/p09s01-coop.html

Look people stop talking and take action against this BS Or become a third world person, this is how I look at it, if you don't get it, watch a old but great movie called THX 1138, In that movie one person did something the other's only talked about doing something.

What do you propose we do Fred? You know if we don't join forces we risk jail or worse....? Got any ideas?

Concerning Judge Chesney, take a look at the following link: www.newsmakingnews.com/asimov3,29,01.htm Her name comes up late in the article.

go back to mexico---you moochers and users!!! do it legally

What do we do??? Well, some have advocated we get involved personally in political "primary" campaigns. We challenge those running for "any" office, including locals. We write letters to editors. We volunteer to sit on boards & commissions. We get involved in zoning restrictions. We get to our elected federal representatives. We can also report suspicions to ICE & then follow up to make sure they did. If not, we turn over video's to any news organization that will show them. In short, we actively work to stop the invasion. It will require work. It will have failures. But if we do nothing, we may as well learn other languages. We need to make sure judges know they can & will be recalled for legislating from the bench. If we need new laws, or laws need revised, elected legislatures are to do that. Not judges who rule based on what "they" think is right or socially proper! If we let judges get away with stuff like this, we may as well just let the elites run the show, since legislators will be of no value at all! (I know, some already think they are worth nothing at all). I know I intend to be a real thorn in a lot of sides though!