Giuliani Vows to End Illegal Immigration (WhiteOut, rubber stamp makers celebrate)

Rudy Giuliani has vowed to end illegal immigration as we know it. Under his plan, a new governmental organization will scour the web, editing pages to change the words "illegal immigration" to "legal immigration" (all site owners will be required to put their passwords in a government database for their and our safety). Likewise, the same group will access newspapers' computer systems and do a search-and-replace of those two terms. Millions of gallons of WhiteOut [TM] will need to be ordered for materials that are already printed. And, border patrol agents will each be issued a set of rubber stamps and inking pads to welcome any "guest" who can make it over the border.

I kid! At least, I think I'm kidding. Certainly, in the past, Giuliani has praised "undocumented aliens", but that was last decade.


Rudy's just another opportunistic political whore, who's being called to task for his long history of supporting illegal aliens and "Hispandering". He's a fraud like most others. He's very weak on immigration enforcement.

GIULIANI TO REWARD ILLEGAL ALIENS WITH PATH TO CITIZENSHIP: "Mr. Giuliani said the rest [after criminal aliens are deported] of the 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens already here can gain a path to citizenship after a waiting period if they register and learn English . . . Those key elements generally track President Bush's immigration bill, which was defeated in the Senate earlier this year."* *Giuliani eyes citizenship path for illegals Washington Times August 15, 2007 by Stephen Dinan

They are all liars except for Tancredo and Hunter....they have seen this chaos coming. The others are looking out for themselves alone.