More proof GOP is corrupt, lacks differentiation from Democrats (Giuliani, Minuteman flyer)

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From this:
Rudy Giuliani's southwest political director [Chris Gulugian-Taylor] left a top position [executive director] at the Nevada Republican Party last year after breaking rules by advertising a Minuteman border patrol rally in internal GOP e-mails.

The notices publicizing a "Stop the Illegal Invasion" rally in October 2006 outraged some Hispanic Republicans in the state, who said they feared it would alienate voters in the nation's fastest growing minority group just weeks before election day...
The email is a bit "hard-edged", but the response was disproportionate. From this October 2006 post:
[The email had a] subject line: "Help stop the illegal invasion") to the GOP's e-mail list, complete with nasty little digs like this: "If you are tired of seeing illegals catered to, then join us to send these Un-American corporations a message. "We'll not allow these illegals destroy our country. We'll not permit corporations like Chicago Title, Wells Fargo Bank, and Miller Brewing promote [sic] and financially support the take over [sic] of America by the Illegal Invaders... "Your voice is needed to let these Un-American companies know we will not tolerate them supporting illegals over law abiding citizens."
Once again, that's a bit rough around the edges. But, who could object to the underlying message of opposing massive illegal activity and the corrupt businesses that profit from it?

Why, "Hispanics", of course. See, all Hispanics are strong supporters of massive illegal activity and all of them fully support corrupt banks and others profiteering off massive illegal immigration. Or, at least according to those that the GOP listened to. Returning to the first report:
...[Luis Valera, chairman of Nevada's "Viva Bush Coalition" says] "The Republican Party had made a lot of effort to reach out to Hispanics. With a stroke of a keyboard, he (Gulugian-Taylor) almost dismantled the hard work of a lot of people... I don't think he's a bad person... [but] I don't know if he'll make the same mistake twice."

...Jim Lopez, a Giuliani supporter who chairs the California Republican National Hispanic Assembly, said he had mixed feelings about the Minuteman group because "some of the people ... are doing it for racist reasons, not the security of the country."

He said he wouldn't pass judgment on Gulugian-Taylor because he didn't have all the details on what happened in Nevada.

"We all make mistakes," Lopez said. He added, "If I was Rudy's campaign, I would keep a close eye on this guy."

Asked about the appointment, Edward Lujan, a former New Mexico GOP chairman, said "it's never a failure unless you do it again.
To put this in an even sharper focus, try to spot all the sleaze in this October 2006 article from Timothy Pratt and J. Patrick Coolican:
A Nevada Republican Party official resigned Thursday amid a Hispanic Republican backlash on the heels of an embarrassing e-mail sent out by the party.

The state party sent out a flier Wednesday advertising a rally by the local chapter of the Minutemen, a stridently anti-illegal immigrant group that patrols the border without sanction from the government.

...Party operatives feared the flier would alienate Hispanic voters and the business community that employs them in large numbers. The flier was titled, "Help Stop the Illegal Invasion," and accused companies such as Wells Fargo of being complicit with illegal immigration...
Wells Fargo certainly profits from illegal immigration; if you ask them, they'll say they don't know that many of their customers are here illegally, but in actual fact I'm sure that pretty much everyone realizes that people using Matricula Consular cards to open bank accounts are doing so because they're here illegally.

Returning to the main point, Gulugian-Taylor should either have not sent out the email, or should have made it less harder-edged. On the other hand, if the GOP would like to shed its corrupt image, perhaps it should start by standing up to ethnic advocates who support massive illegal activity and who smear everyone of that same ethnicity as supporters of illegal activity. (GOP leaders: look up "Sistah Souljah" in your local dictionary.)

And an even more difficult task: the GOP could stand up to those corrupt businesses that profit from the illegal activity.

I know it will never happen, but I just thought I'd point it out.