AVWatch: Antonio Villaraigosa Villarnovela; reporter shoved; Mirthala suspended

The Villarnovela starring Hillary Clinton campaign co-chair, Los Angeles mayor, and former MEChA leader Antonio Villaraigosa continues with at least two new episodes:

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa today sought to put the scandal surrounding his personal life behind him, one day after the Telemundo network suspended his girlfriend, newscaster Mirthala Salinas, for covering the mayor while they were romantically involved... But a Villaraigosa news conference at the Port of Los Angeles ended chaotically, with a port police sergeant shoving a television reporter against a cargo container as she attempted to pursue the mayor.

You can see a video of the reporter being shoved here. To make it even worse, she's from a Spanish-language station:

The director of media relations for the Port of Los Angeles later issued a statement expressing "regret that this incident occurred" and saying the matter "is being investigated." Port police "intervened to deny access" when the mayor entered a restricted area and reporters tried to follow, according to the statement.

Hillary Clinton could not be reached for comment, because I didn't try. Tony Villar's political future was reportedly spotted applying for a job as a greeter at WalMart.


I chuckle whenever the phrase 'I take full responsibility' is uttered but when Mayor VivaLaRaza says it in the context of adultery it is downright hilarious. What does that mean exactly? http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-oe-daum14jul14,1,2413361.column?coll=la-opinion-columnists

Well I don't think any of the political so called Leaders could make it as a Greeter at Walmart, and we all know that old hillary and billary need the jobs, and come on guys! old get-down- and do it for me Antonio is not a former MEchA leader he is still in the brown kkk, and last wekk was known to have made a deal with the head Drug dealers in Mexico City for 10 year girls all white and under 18, after all Antonio needs loving, oh yes didn't Antonio order a new detention center for Americans found inside the city Of L.A.? after dusk?

If you want people more aware of his MEChA past, his 'we are all Americans' speech, etc., please use the VivaLaRaza name as frequently as possible. Names like that can be an albatross for politicians if they catch on. They start out on the net, get picked up by something like the L.A. Weekly, and if a paper of record picks it up, watch out. Can you imagine if an L.A. Times writer like Steve Lopez were to start using VivaLaRaza or a similar name? If a MEChA linking name is too hot, maybe a womanizer nickname will bubble up.

No one lost their jobs over the ethical lapses at telemundo--that's disgusting and unethical in of itself. Mexican-nationalist-socialist-propagandists certainly protect their own kind.

petty bourgeois real racism at work and what do you think will happen when the same evil pigs of mexico have total political power over all people? the fact is most of our so called leaders in all parts of this former USA Want this to happen for the ideals of the third world oligarch's, its just one more move to dismantling of freedom and the ideals of Laws, but after all most people don't care and think its funny, until the real racism hits that person in the face, and its happening right now to millions of people.

Poor old Hillary. She seems to have an inability to avoid men with zipper problems......