Marc Brenman/WSHRC goes round bend in support of illegal activity

Marc Brenman - executive director of the Washington State Human Rights Commission - offers "Reject messages of hate and fear". Ironically, the one offering the hate and fear is Brenman himself; getting out his Big Book of Bad Historical Things, he says:

Unfortunately, it seems like the Minutemen have made progress in some of our communities, including in Everett. The Minutemen rely on the use of hateful speech, the Big Lie, and fear of people who are different to corrupt and coarsen political dialogue, just as their Nazi forebears did. The so-called Minutemen, like their former fellow traveler Tim McVey, are precursors to domestic terrorism and vigilantism. The federal government is charged with enforcing the immigration laws of the United States. Let the federal government do its job, without "assistance" from gun-toting, self-appointed know-nothings.

I'll leave it to the Minutemen to decide whether he's crossed over the line into libel, but these are shocking words coming from the executive director of a state agency. As far as I know, that Minuteman chapter will only assist in enforcing our laws in a legal fashion, yet he's comparing them not just to the Nazis but to Timothy McVeigh (and he can't even get his name right to boot).

What if the rights of any of the Minuteman chapter members are violated by far-left illegal immigration supporters? Does anyone have any doubt about which side of the issue Brenman would be on? If someone made similar claims about groups that Brenman supports, wouldn't it consider it close to a hate crime?

Elsewhere in the article he switches between discussing immigrants in general and "undocumented immigrants" and promotes the economic benefits of the latter. He's thus trying to sell his readers on the benefits of illegal activity. At their site, they even have a prominent page listing what to do in the case of an immigration raid (

Washington governor Chris Gregoire appoints the members of the WSHRC council, so please send her your thoughts:

These state HRCs seem to be dumping grounds for far-left loons; for another example read up on Stephen Glassman of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.


Hi, my name is Lavrenti and I'm a member of the Washington State Chapter of the MMCDC. We've actually just sent out an official protest letter to Marc Brenman and all the members of the Washington State Human Rights Commission for his slanderous public staments about "the Minutemen" and are spreading the word. Please see the following link to read the full protest letter. Also feel free to post this letter in full on your site. If you have any questions, just give me a hollar at Very cordially, Lavrenti