DailyKos delenda est! Bill O'Reilly highlights Hunter Lieberman pic

daily kos lieberman oreilly

Unlike Bill O'Reilly, I don't want to see DailyKos destroyed. It would be nice, however, to see them twisting uncomfortably in a strong, very cold wind.

O'Reilly's weapon of Kos destruction is the Photoshop of Joe Liberman and George Bush attached right. The URL of this photo is:


A visit then to dailykos.com/user/uid:1054 takes us to the diary of one "Hunter" (hunter.dailykos.com), who appears to be a prominent Kossack. Peeling back the first URL takes us to a few dozen other images and reveals someone with a particular obsession with ABC:


As well as with General Wesley Clark:


And, in addition to some Iraq war images, inside baseball:


UPDATE: Now, Mike Stark offers "I just returned from Falafel Bill's house" (dailykos.com/story/2007/7/31/9920/91146). He visited Bill O'Reilly's house, spoke with him in his driveway, and planted a few signs regarding the "falafel" incident outside. While some commenters decry his actions, much other moral relativism ensues.


Its more like Bush going down on Liberman, after all Liberman did the cover-up on Waco,and he is doing the work for the North American Union and face facts, "we all know why".

You read the kossacks and DUmmies? You have much more tolerance for stupidity than I.

Bill O'reilly can't be taken seriously. He has an agenda that is strictly pro Bill O'reilly. He wants to appear as the defender of the common man. He wants us to believe he is just one of the boys, an average citizen, the guy next door. Yea Right! Everything he does is self promotion. His sending his books to the troops is enough to make you gag. He pretends he had a middle-class upbringing, when his dad was an accountant. Accountants average income when Bill was a boy was considerably higher than any middle-class family. He sucks up to the media "elite" because he is a network news wannabe. How could any self respecting individual have any use for someone who enjoys the company of Whorealda Rivera? O'reilly is like so many of these "conservative" super stars. He is a money driven opportunists who just happens to occasionally promote true conservative ideas

cropper we know that, listen to savage Nation.

Savage is as bad as O'reilly but with less couth and more commercials. Another buck chaser.

This Hunter perp should be ID'ed, locked down, and sedated.