Cindy Sheehan: welcome to my world

St. Cyndi Sheehan - America's favorite drama queen - has been ex-communicated (i.e., booted off DailyKos; I have been "warned"; due to apostasy: she's apparently going to run against Nancy Pelosi... and as an independent! See, DailyKos is a site for Democrats and designed to elect Democrats. Of course, all of this might not matter if we get those staged attacks she warns us of.

Of course, always the trendsetter, I was banned from DailyKos over four years ago, simply for leaving a comment pointing out how Kos was wrong. Welcome to my club, Sindy.


Try this irony..I was kicked off Websleuths for my pRO Bush comments prior to his election ....and kicked off Hot Air due to anti Bush sentiment regarding his abdication of the border and North American Union positionsand his push for the Illegal amnesty bill...Talk about changing your tune...can't say I don't admit my mistakes hahahahahha

I noticed the Dems threw Nancy a bone by voting for a Iraqw war pull out which they know wont happen, now she can go back to her cool-aid drinking constiuency and say "I tried to get us out of Iraq but the war hawks are just too powerful, we need more money and more Democrats" If Sheehan is smart she'll bring up the amnesty enchilada and call the environmentalists to the table too. Illegal immigration is not compatible with environmentalism or unions, in fact it works against both quite effectively, immigration has lowered wages and our fuel consumption growth has matched China's a country 300% bigger thanks to immigration. Oh ya you can bet the NAU & SPP are ok with corporate Nancy too.

Markos Moulitsas Zuniga aka Kos has some serious questions lurking in his official bio. Kos has tried to paint his family as merely middle class Salvadorians immigrants starting over in America. In fact his family owns one of the largest hotels in El Salvador. Second Kos was a rabid conservative through out his youth. And why not his family most likely had connections to worst of El Salvador's right wing. I certainly do not agree with everything this guy says about Kos. But his sight is interesting. Also check out this THE GROUPTHINK-O-SPHERE: THE HIGH SCHOOLIFICATION OF THE BLOGOSPHERE First of all it does seem to me that this Francis L. Holland fellow has an ax to grind. Second I certainly do not agree with some of his racial identity politics. Third what can I say, he is an immigration lawyer. Nonetheless he does raise a few interesting details about Kos's bio that seem to hold up. My problem with Daily Kos is that it attracts a lot of very young and immature folks who must be right out of colleges. Fuzzy minded lefty one world multiculturalism runs wild at that sight. On immigration matters Daily Kos is a popular hang out for trolls, cheap labor and latino ethnicity radicals & shills, lots of immigration lawyers and their corporate recruiter allies. Their screams of racism at anybody who disagrees with the "Open Borders" mania is really tiresome. Even serious reform minded liberals on trade and immigration matters like Bob Oak and David Sirota, who do not tolerate corruption with in the Democratic party, attract some really vicious trolls and hacks who attempt to "rate" them off Daily Kos. Kos has some really serious thinkers writing diaries for it, unfortunately its mass readership attracts more than it share of political novices, fools and trolls. Quite a few of the "diarists" are simply outright "Open Borders" radicals and activist or cynical Immigration lawyers. Last, perhaps it might be interesting if Lonewacko could find out what the young Markos Moulitsas was doing in Silicon Valley with his law degree prior to founding his website. Was he himself working as an immigration lawyer, which is quite common among those with dual citizenship???

llamajockey death squads in el salvador is not new news but it was not only the CIA Behind but also the KGB And the NKVD. This little rat Markos Moulitsas was picking up his order's and his Money, in fact the guy is building death squads here inside the Noth American Union, once called the USA. See it for what it is, and buy gun's for life, start building your own cell's you our next on the list of the rat's inside this government who hate your freedom.