They can't ban all of us

A few days ago, I was banned from leaving comments at DailyKos. Since he hasn't responded to my email, I don't know the exact reason, but I can surmise it has something to do with the comments to this post (dailykos . com/archives/002198.html).

That post features a picture of a (supposed) Iraq girl injured by U.S. missiles in Baghdad. Kos claims that the picture comes from "the Al Jazeera."

However, the link provided goes to the website, which as far as I can tell, is not the 'Al Jazeera' TV network. (The real Al Jazeera is at and

First of all, is located in Dalton, Georgia, U.S.A. which, as far as I know, is quite a ways from Qatar.

Secondly, their mission statement ( doesn't mention anything about being affiliated with the better-known Al Jazeera.

And, their list of documents ( seem to be oriented less towards reportage than something else. Such as 'Zionism, the Highest Stage of Imperialism':,%20the%20highest%20form%20of%20imperialism.htm

What makes this funny is that in the comments, Kos has this to say when this matter was brought to his attention:

Did you click the link? Jeez. Why don't you give the link a try before you come here and tell me what I check and what I don't check. Where do you think I got the damn picture?

Lots of banning today, folks.

So, apparently he did check it and didn't see anything wrong with using as his source. It appears that because I was one of the ones pointing this out to him, I was banned.

So, let's make lemonade out of these lemons. I hereby call on all other members of the VRWC to give Kos, his site, and other "liberal" bloggers a visit and serve as a bit of a truth squad. If, as you no doubt will, you see a factual or other error, please politely point it out in their comments sections. Apparently, their readers are starved for the truth, and I suggest we give it to them. Note that I'm suggesting only polite, well-reasoned, fact-based commentary.

After all, they can't ban all of us, can they?

UPDATE: Richard Bennett tells me: "I resigned from Polstate a week ago after that Kos idiot attacked the President on his blog. The man is scum."


I was never banned, but finally stopped going there because it was a waste of time. Anytime a diary on illegal immigration came up, you were automatically considered a Nazi if you were against it. The Boz and Eugene are a couple of open border kooks and Kos lets them troll rate everyone they disagree with. After the pie ad crap and the purging of those that believed the last election was stolen, I left. Those people think they are open minded, but the reality is they only want to hear from people they agree with. Kos has started believing his own PR.

I was booted from DailyKos after I defended Mark Warner and Wesley Clark one too many times !

DailyKos along with Molly Ivins called us Mark Warner supporters IDIOTS ! and I spoke my mind .

Then I could no longer post comments or reply to other's comments .

I expect this behavior from whiney Republicans .

Liberal means ; personal and political freedom **

I am in.

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