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New York, NY
In-depth reporting, gripping narratives, and world-class photography, plus heaping doses of Oscar-blogging, royal-watching, and assorted guilty pleasures.
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From @VanityFair
Do you get a rush thinking about spitting in the media’s face? Do you get pumped up telling easily fact-checkable l…
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From @natbabou
@VanityFair @besslevin @besslevin like the article you wrote about Sanders-You are NOT a journalist but a puppet of…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@natbabou: @besslevin is just a meaningless cog & #VanityFair is a meaningless rag. The entire media pushes anti-American NeoLiberal/Koch policies: loose borders, free trade, and globalism.
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From @AlisonD64
I'm back to covering political news again — now for @VanityFair!
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From @gim_esther
@AlisonD64 Congrats!!!!! Can’t wait to read your work!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@gim_esther: the latest from @AlisonD64 is "YouTube Is Finally Taking a Harder Line on Hate Speech. Is It Too Little, Too Late?" She's not a liberal, just an authoritarian like those who've burned books through the ages. Be a real liberal.
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From @LukeRussert
. @dhmeyer great spread in @VanityFair you could totally bring a Shake Shack to STL, they'd love it!
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From @stlbizjdwyer
“@LukeRussert: . @dhmeyer great spread in @VanityFair you could totally bring a Shake Shack to STL, they'd love it!” Yes!
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@stlbizjdwyer: hey Joe, @LukeRussert can't answer these questions: Can you help him out?