Sanctuary policies: Fort Dix Six arrested multiple times

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Not only were three of the "Fort Dix Six" illegal aliens, but they had multiple arrests and sanctuary policies - or lack of DHS funding combined with unwillingness to deport people - may have played a role in allowing them to remain here. According to this, Howie Carr says they had 54 previous arrests, although that number seems too high and might include traffic stops:
Suspect Dritan Duka has past arrests on charges of disorderly conduct and possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. He also has six separate speeding and driving with a suspended license infractions, records show.

Shain Duka has past arrests on charges of obstruction of justice, hindering apprehension and making physical threats. He also has five separate traffic infractions. Eljvir Duka has past drug counts and at least two motor vehicle infractions.

The three brothers are accused of helping lead the plot to shoot soldiers at Fort Dix. They are being held without bail. The fact that at least three of the suspects had past run-ins with the law and are in the United States illegally was brought up on Capitol Hill Thursday.

California congressman Elton Gallegly pointed out Mohammed Atta, one of the Sept. 11 hijackers, was stopped by police for a traffic violation weeks before the attacks. Atta was also in the United States illegally, having overstayed his visa. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales told the panel that many local law enforcement agencies do not check the immigration status of a driver during traffic stops.
In related news, professional ethno-booster Linda Chavez plays cards:
If the police had thrown the men in jail and checked their legal status, perhaps this whole plot could have been averted. I wonder whether the police would have been more diligent if the men had hailed from, say, Mexico or Guatemala, rather than Macedonia.


_...and might include traffic stops:..._ So what? It's the same in the sense it is contact with law enforcement, the point being that cops ought to be free to use their discretion to decide if someone should be held, i.e. to determine status. But this all too often cannot happen due to 'sanctuary' policies etc.

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