Maria Hinojosa/PBS Now interviews Chris Simcox

Maria Hinojosa of PBS Now interviews the founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Chris Simcox, here. I didn't listen to the interview, and I have a neutral position on Simcox and his group [1]. However, I find their choice of links quite interesting.

They give the game away by linking to the CFR, specifically the illogical, not comprehensively economic "The Economic Logic of Illegal Immigration" by Gordon Hanson.

They also link to what is probably a hit piece from the SPLC, a group indirectly linked to the Mexican government.

As, as a capper, they link to the Kathy Kiely USA Today article offering a highly misleading reading of a Gallup poll.

[1] I interviewed him a few years ago and, while he didn't seem as loony as he had been portrayed in hit pieces, one of his compadres did not leave a good impression and I never wrote it up. Part of that was because he failed to comply with my request that he provide examples of how the MSM has misrepresented him. He couldn't point to specific examples, prefering instead to repeat his talking points. There's also some controversy over a fence they're building and the funding for it, and of course his group is apparently separate from Jim Gilchrist's current and former groups with similar names.


Chris simcox is a great guy but i think he has and is being used by this government to fool people into thinking something is being done to stop the mass mexican and third world people from coming here he is doing the show thing for the public and by doing that he can Quiet down many into doing nothing, he may-not know he is doing this but he is, its all but the show and as long as we have the show the government will do as it wants behind our backs. the end game is here and now.

Why would anyone think you could get unbiased reporting on the Minutemen from a "reporter" named Hinojosa? It's like sending a reporter named after Heinrich Himmler to "objectively" interview the Prime Minister of Israel.