Amy Goodman ignores Mexico links of illegal immigration march organizers

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Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! interviewed two illegal immigration march organizers (link) without mentioning that at least one of them has a highly questionable link to Mexico. Per her:
To help recap and look ahead to what's next, we're joined by organizers of the day's two largest protests:

* Angelica Salas, Executive Director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights in Los Angeles (CHIRLA).

* Jorge Mujica, former journalist and union organizer and one of the lead organizers for immigrant rights protests in Chicago. He has worked for La Raza, Univision, and Telemundo, and has been involved in union organizing in both the US and in Mexico.
As did Peter Prengaman, she fails to note that the first group has allegedly collaborated with the Mexican government. The second person is an official with the Mexican political party PRD.


Well yes this person is making money from drugs and a campaign of terror against all people for the ideals of one world enslavement! Amy Goodman is as evil as the tool known as Bin Laden.