Orwell Alert: Temporary Protected Status extended 18 more months

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From our Orwell Alert/'When "Temporary" Means "Permanent"' file comes this:
Central Americans who are legally in the U-S because their countries were slammed by natural disasters are getting an 18-month extension.

The Department of Homeland Security is allowing the added time for citizens of Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador who have Temporary Protected Status.

Salvadorans have had the status since early 2001 after two earthquakes killed 12-hundred people. Nicaraguans and Hondurans have had the designation since Hurricane Mitch in 1998.
From this USCIS PDF:
"Although Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador have made significant progress in their recovery and rebuilding efforts, each country continues to face social and economic challenges in their efforts to restore their nations to normalcy," said USCIS Director Emilio Gonzalez. "This 18 month extension reflects the United States' commitment to continue assisting our Central American neighbors on their road to recovery."
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6 to 9 years, already? WTF? If these people were at home REBUILDING their country, instead of vacationing in Disneyland, maybe they would have finished the rebuilding job by now. Setting aside the fact that these countries weren't functional before the natural disasters, nothing has really changed anyway. No reason to stay here another minute. Pack your bags, don't forget to say thank you on your way out the door.

Edward is right. No one ever built a country while in exile. This is just a way for this administration to avoid its responsibilities and delay deportation to give these people the privilege of the outshoots of amnesty.

"Well yes", its normal the third world's people are here and will never go home after the people of the third world are great tools to be used by the rats in power AGAINST YOU. And may God help you all.

Edward is right but the people now living here will be packing the bags and moving out not the little third worlds people, after the third world's people make great Sheeple and total enslavement is normal to the little people of Mexico and the so called South Americans.

""This 18 month extension" Gives each of them just enough time to poop out a couple more anchor babies for the taxpayers to support.

that is the plan Jackenimble, and may GOD HELP US ALL.