Democrats debate features largely worthless immigration question

In case you were wondering just how corrupt the MSM is, the following appears to be the only question at tonight's Democratic presidential debate that involved immigration matters. While the "defy" part is certainly a bit piquant, and it's certainly good to get the news that Hillary Clinton supports amnesty out there and from her own lips, the information the question would obtain could more easily be obtained from her website. She's no doubt said the same thing countless times, and when she heard the question she probably just put her brain into replay mode.

What should have been asked is something designed to reveal the flaws in what she supports, such as the question on this video. That would bring her support of illegal immigration to more widespread attention, while at the same time revealing that she has no non-corrupt argument for what she supports:
MODERATOR:...Senator Clinton, if you were currently the president, would you defy the majority of American citizens and offer a form of amnesty for illegal aliens?

CLINTON: Well, I'm in favor of comprehensive immigration reform, which includes tightening our border security, sanctioning employers to employ undocumented immigrants, helping our communities deal with the costs that come from illegal immigration, getting the 12 million or so immigrants out of the shadows. That's very important to me.

After 9/11, we've got to know who's in this country. And then giving them a chance to pay a fine, pay back taxes, learn English and stand in line to be eligible for a legal status in this country.

MODERATOR: Time's up. Thank you, ma'am.

And that question was from Chris in Myrtle Point, Oregon.


And you expected an honest airing of this issue in one of these sham 'debates'? At this point, it would pretty much count as political suicide for a democratic presidential hopeful to say something that might be construed as being mean to brown people.

'And then giving them a chance to pay a fine, pay back taxes, learn English and stand in line to be eligible for a legal status in this country.' Interesting. The 'stand in line' usually refers to citizenship. If you're allowed to remain in the country indefinitely how are you waiting in line for 'legal status'? I have always viewed 'stand in line' as a ridiculously transparent attempt to mislead along the lines of 'earned citizenship is not amnesty'. When you think of waiting in line are you a) already inside where you want to get OR b) outside where you want to get? If you're already there, you're not wating in line! A kindergartner understands this.

eh is right, its pointless but funny!