"Maywood hires police with past troubles"

Maywood - a small city in southeast Los Angeles County - is a self-declared sanctuary for illegal aliens and a sign of what's to come for many other cities across the nation. The LAT says:
The Maywood Police Department — a 37-man force that patrols a gritty square-mile city south of downtown Los Angeles — has become a haven for misfit cops who have been pushed out of other law enforcement agencies for crimes or serious misconduct.

Among those on the job: A former Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy terminated for abusing jail inmates; a onetime Los Angeles Police Department officer fired for intimidating a witness; and an ex-Huntington Park officer charged with negligently shooting a handgun and driving drunk...

...The brewing scandal has included accusations that police and city leaders were on the take from the owner of a local tow company; that a longtime officer was extorting sex from relatives of a criminal fugitive; that a police officer tried to run over the president of the Maywood Police Commission in the parking lot of City Hall; that an officer impregnated a teenage police explorer; and that officers had covered up the truth surrounding a fatal police shooting that resulted in a $2.3-million legal settlement.

The Los Angeles County district attorney, the California attorney general and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have active probes into the Maywood department.

Amid the chaos, Bruce Leflar, still listed on the department's website as chief, abruptly stopped showing up for work last fall.

And the officer whom he'd appointed to clean up the department, Al Hutchings, agreed to resign his post after being told a videotape had been made of him allegedly having an on-duty liaison with the female owner of a local doughnut store...
Sounds pretty funny, but perhaps we should look at those supposedly respectable forces who've enabled this corruption.

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Decadence needs the decadent to perpetuate itself.

"The Los Angeles County district attorney, the California attorney general and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have active probes" active probes? That sounds a lot like Dianne Feinstein "studying" an issue.

This is what happens when you find you have imported Mexican politics along with all those "hard-working illegal immigrants".