"Corruption hits cities in L.A.'s shadows"

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From this:
A string of gritty suburbs in the shadow of Los Angeles has produced a growing parade of public officials jailed for corruption, and prosecutors say illegal schemes on a scale more commonly associated with big Eastern cities have devoured tens of millions of taxpayer dollars.

The latest to be led away in handcuffs is the former treasurer of South Gate [Albert Robles], sentenced this past week to 10 years in prison...
The rest of the article briefly mentions cities such as Lynwood, Bell Gardens, "Aztlan City" aka Maywood, Huntington Park and Vernon. Not mentioned are: Bell, Cudahy, and Commerce (the last might not be so dirty).


Watching the students response to Tancredo at MSU, the students in Oaxaca, the response at Calderons inauguration. It all looks the same. Violence instead of rational debate. Coincidence? mexican corruption has come to live among us. Fred Dawes, right again.

"Well yes", L.A., Is mexico city north! its happening in cities all over the former! USA With the north american union most so called Americans who are not hispanic will become non citizen. its the way of all hispanic terror states, and this government wants that to happen soon.

BUT Also understand that the mexican will in the end game be used as the whites and blacks have been used and the next people in 30 years to use the little mexico will be the muslims the Global game will only end in the third world war, buy guns.

and by the way total corruption in normal business in all hispanic cities and countries.
so whats new?