Why is CBS 11 KTVT-TV Dallas misleading about immigration reform?

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Stephanie Lucero of CBS 11 TV out of Dallas offers "Immigration Debate Re-Energizing Hate Groups" concerning the recent Anti-Defamation League (ADL) claiming that KKK membership is up because of the debate over illegal immigration. That may well be true, but - needless to say - Lucero doesn't look into: a) whether this is an attempt by the ADL to smear all those opposed to illegal immigration, and b) whether this is an attempt by them to obtain donations. And, while the report features stock footage of Klan rallies, Lucero doesn't feature any new footage from her area. Rather, she interviews two restaurant owners who serve as conduits for the message that opposition to illegal immigration equates to hate. She also mentions the SPLC, a group indirectly linked to the Mexican government (that is not, of course, disclosed).

And, CBS 11 TV has a running feature apparently not specifically associated with this report entitled "Slideshow: I Want To Know More About Immigration Reform". OK, let's learn:

* Following a picture of the Mexican flag, the following appears next to the U.S. flag:

"It's not something commonly known," said Edward Rincon of Rincon & Associates, "But close to 40,000 non-citizens serve in our military, that's according to a Department of Defense report."

What he said may be correct, but due to the dust thrown up in the immigration debate it may also be misleading and. CBS 11 should point out that illegal aliens cannot serve in the U.S. military except in case of war. I believe that provision was added a few years ago, however:

"The fact is that the US military can accept undocumented aliens as recruits when the US is in a declared state of war. Despite what President Bush repeatedly says about the US being involved in a war against terrorism, no such war has been declared by Congress."

Then comes this statement next to someone with binoculars:

November 28, 2005: President Bush outlined a plan for detention and removal of people who enter the US illegally. It would increase enforcement, strengthen immigration laws, and do away with amnesty for illegal immigrants. Bush also advocates a temporary worker program. The plan would allow illegal immigrants the chance to register for legal status for six years and then be required to return home.

Actually, the plan only concerned OTMs, the infamous "catch and release". And, Bush isn't "do[ing] away with amnesty for illegal immigrants", he's supporting it.