Monica Lozano on Bank of America board; National Council of La Raza

This is a Bank of America press release from March 20, 2006 [1]:
Monica Lozano, publisher of the nation's largest Spanish-language newspaper, has been nominated to Bank of America's board of directors...

...[BofA] has relationships with 48 percent of Hispanic households in its coast-to-coast territory, more than any other bank in the United States. Last year more than 21 percent of all new hires by the bank were Hispanic.
She was approved and currently serves on their board [2]. And, since 21 percent is close to double the percentage of Hispanics in the U.S., perhaps the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights should look into their recruitment efforts.
Also in 2005, Bank of America became the first financial institution to make electronic money transfers to Mexico free for its customers through a SafeSend feature with a checking account. For its efforts in the Hispanic community, Latina Style Magazine named Bank of America its 2005 Company of the Year.

Lozano, 49, is the publisher and CEO of Los Angeles-based La Opinion, the nation's largest Spanish-language daily newspaper. She is also senior vice president of Impremedia LLC, the first national Spanish-language newspaper company in the United States. Among her many community leadership positions, Ms. Lozano is currently chairwoman of The National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States.


More about Mrs Lozano:

She's a Disney director:
Gender: Female
Race or Ethnicity: Hispanic
Occupation: Publisher

Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Publisher of La Opini

Mrs. Lozano is also on the board of the CHF (California Healthcare Foundation) an entity I might add which was created with one of the biggest thefts of public assets in the history of America. Mrs Lozano is also publisher & CFO of "La Opinion", LA's biggest newspaper.

La Opinion also gets a phat check from the CHS foundation $2069420.00 so far in the form of "grants" from the non profit CHS to the for profit La Opinion. see note 10

She as a board director of CHF has diverted over 2 million of the CHF's charity's assets to her own for profit company, she also collects over 25K per year to sit on the charity's board.

The CHF has also diverted hundreds of millions in funds to entities promoting & subsidizing illegal imigration and Socialized medicine and political activities too.

Lonewhacko guy you really need to blog about the CHF, how it was created, who created it, where they got the money from, and where all the money is invested now-and who controls it too.

The CHF is one of the reasons CA healthcare is so expensive and also one of the reasons UNH is so profitable. their CEO makes more than Exxon's CEO but you'd never hear that in our media.

CA is UNH's biggest customer.

B of A is mexico! and it would deal with Bin Laden or anyone to make one cent.