Rudy Giuliani: Schwarzenegger is a "progressive leader"

Yesterday His Weirdness, aka former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, spoke in Silicon Valley and said:
...Giuliani praised [Arnold Schwarzenegger], calling him a "progressive leader."

"I generally agree with Governor Schwarzenegger," Giuliani said...

...On immigration, Giuliani said while the country needs to ensure that terrorists, drug dealers and other criminals are not entering the country we should not be driving law-abiding immigrants away.

"The worst problem would be . . . if you're the country that nobody wants to come to,'' Giuliani said...
As you might have surmised, the "reporter", Jason Bennert of the Bay City News Service, did a fine job transcribing Juliani's remarks. However, not a single question he asked of the candidate is noted, so one can assume none was asked.

If Bennert had decided to do some real reporting, he could have informed Rudy that there's a multi-year line to get into the U.S. legally, and we're at absolutely no risk whatsoever of running out of applicants. And, he could have also informed Rudy that his plan to legalize millions of illegal aliens would make their situation even worse and also allow those former illegal aliens to cut in front of the citizenship line ahead of those prospective legal immigrants.