How not to criticize Wikipedia

Dave Pierre offers "'Lib-pedia'? Anti-Conservative Bias Rampant At Wikipedia" (newsbusters . org/node/10615). He's definitely right about that, but I don't think he fully groks that the only way to correct that bias is for conservatives to be more tenacious than those on the other side who currently spend a lot of time making sure WP's articles match their ideology.

Lacking that, the only thing to do is to point out to anyone who relies on WP or who advocates relying on WP that it's completely unreliable.

Oh, and one other thing: stop linking to Wikipedia. Pierre repeatedly violates that, shooting himself in the foot by linking the names of several personalities to their WP entries, thereby slightly increasing the possibility that those WP entries will appear higher in searches for those personalities' names.

On a related note, someone else has come along and modified my test paragraph in a clunky way. It's now:

At UCLA, Villaraigosa was a leader of the group MEChA [5] [6] [7]. Some, such as John and Ken of KFI, refer to him as Mayor Reconquista or "Mayor Viva La Raza",because of that and because of his support for amnesty for illegal immigrants.[citation needed] Others also refer to him as "Mayor Photo-raigosa" because of his numerous public appearances in hopes of another photo-op.

Part-of-the-problem administrator "Will Beback" added the "[citation needed]" bits. I think I'll wait to see what happens; I suspect this is a prelude to the whole paragraph being deleted.

And, I note that WP's use of nofollow is not complete: at their page for Media Matters for America (a horrendous example of bias), in the 'External links' section you'll find a regular link to sourcewatch . org's page on MMFA. I guess some links are more equal than others.

UPDATE: The link to sourcewatch is handled using the template 'disinfo'. That site is very "liberal", and doesn't have anywhere as much traffic or editors as WP. I signed up and tried to add some facts to their illegal immigration page in October of last year, and all of them were immediately reverted by Bob Burton, the site's editor (preview.tinyurl . com/3awaz7).


Big surprise - Wikipedia's "Will Beback" is none other than Will McWhinney Jr. of Los Angeles. Think back to the Sierra Club's immigration controversy about three years ago to remember who he is.

I just heard some bad news. Border Agent Ramos has been severely beaten in jail. He apparently has a concussion and blood coming from his ears.
His father in law was just on KFI radio Los Angeles.
Bush needs to pardon these guys Yesterday. How long before the Agents are killed?