New Haven's John DeStefano gets illegal immigration Christmas card

New Haven, Connecticut mayor John DeStefano is linked to collaborators with the Mexican government. Thus, it shouldn't come as a surprise that earlier today he received a "giant Christmas card and a call for immigrants' rights" (link):
New Haven based "Unidad Latina en Accion" made a special Christmas delivery to City Hall today.

The group made up of illegal immigrants and advocates for immigration rights handed over a Christmas card to Mayor John DeStefano. Inside the card were their Christmas wishes for the New Year.

First and foremost, making into law a "general order" that allows police officers to disregard an illegal immigrants' status when that person reports a crime. The "order" goes into formal affect tomorrow...

...The grassroots group for immigrants' rights thanked Mayor Destefano for signing off on the police department's new policy to look the other way when it comes to immigration status...


This must be a new Christmas tradition. The local, bishop, led his own pro-illegal protest yesterday past the police station as well.

"well yes Bush is also linked to collaborators of the Mexico city drug dealers what new"?
we all understand what is happening here but will say nothing and will never do a thing so if you will not fight for this nation eat shit! the deal is made and anyone that can't see that must want to live inside the hell of the third world, so have fun and be a good little mexican.

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