Greeley, Colorado encouraging illegal immigration

Greeley, Colorado is home to Swift and Company, which was recently raided by ICE. Now, according to this article by Joanna Larez, the "Greeley Human Relations Commission" has given $2,000 to the "Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church fund for families hurt by the raid." They would have given more, but they haven't yet cashed the grant check from "The Colorado Trust to begin planning action to build a stronger community with good relationships with immigrants". Where exactly the money came from is not stated; it could have come from private funds, or perhaps city money.

This is a very small amount in the scheme of things, but it's the thought that counts. If they gave the money together with bus fare for illegal aliens to leave the city, that would be one thing. However, their gift will allow those illegal aliens to remain in their city. The ultimate beneficiaries of the gift will be the employers of those illegal aliens, who will continue to have a ready supply of cheap, illegal labor. On a hopeful note, the 50+ comments on the story are mostly highly negative.

Whether that commission is an actual city agency isn't clear, but it:

consists of nine members appointed by the City Council, and representatives from the University of Northern Colorado, Aims Community College, and School District 6.

And, everyone hold hands and sing their Mission Statement:

To promote respect, understanding, appreciation and harmony among the members of our community by acting as a forum for advocacy of equality, fairness and celebrating diversity (link).

Other usual suspects quoted in the article are Sylvia Martinez and Maria Flores of Latinos Unidos.


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