Howie Carr on Boston Globe's hypocrisy (Mitt Romney lawn care)

From this:
How do you turn a noble undocumented worker into a sinister, conniving illegal immigrant?

You do it by hiring him to cut the lawn at Gov. Mitt Romney's house, or at least that's how the bow-tied bumkissers at The Boston Globe pulled it off.

The phrase that is usually frowned upon by the Globe - illegal immigrants - was used 11 times in a front-page story Friday. Yesterday, those same dreaded "illegal immigrants" made it into the lead sentence of the follow-up story...

...Suppose that Mitt had shown more interest in the immigration status of his lawn crew. What if he had confronted the company owner - a legal alien from Colombia, remember - and told him he suspected that the mowing crew was here illegally, an adverb used three times in the first story.

Here's how the lead of that story could have been written:

"GOP Gov. Mitt Romney engaged in racial profiling, assuming that good family men from Chelsea, here only to do the jobs that Americans wonโ€™t do, were in the U.S. illegally. In a move denounced by such non-partisan groups as the ACLU and La Raza, this hypocrite, whose father by the way was born in Mexico, even demanded to see their green cards before he let them work on his verdant lawn. Romney, a member of the Mormon faith, which until recent years did not allow blacks to become ministers..."


Never mind. I'm a dumbass. It was the Herald pointing out the story in the Globe. Sorry.

Viva el Presidente Bush!

It's the Boston Herald. Not the Globe. Might want to correct that before they sick the attorneys on you.

Otherwise, welcome to Aztlan.

its pointless mexico city will own us all soon. and yes it really shows what has happened inside our once great system but soon the system will be a third world system of mass murder, and people are the weapons and the guy doing your work is part of this evil ideals of one world, the boston globe is just doing its part.

A very good piece -- really shows the hypocrisy of outfits like the Boston Globe.