Scott Stroud/San Antonio Express-News, illegal immigration supporter

Scott Stroud is the politics/government editor for the San Antonio Express-News, and he offers "Latino backlash against GOP immigration policy a gift to Demos".

Discussing Texas House Bills 28 and 29, he says:

So if we make it harder to live and work in America and to send cash back to impoverished family members, maybe people will stop coming. Of course, we also could stop hiring them to run our farms and ranches, build our buildings and roads, and keep our economy humming for minimal compensation.

Instead of asking why the federal government isn't enforcing our laws, Stroud supports the importation of desperate foreign citizens in order to keep the "economy humming".

He also lies about HR4437:

...the measure passed in the U.S. House last year that would have made it illegal to offer a drink of water to a thirsty man who just walked across the desert...

His thoughts appear to be in line with his editor, Robert Rivard.


oh well john move the 155 east.

come on people the third worlds people will never stop coming as long as the hand-out is in place, the people coming from mexico and going to come for the ideals of momey and to help in the death of our world, and yes the mexican is a red at heart and loves the ideals of evil against people who stand for laws and duty, the GOP Played the game and for now until all demos! and hispanic will yell "we are for you" but the day is coming when only hispanics will be in power with a few whites and black taking orders for mexico city and bin laden and old rat castor or someone like him. buy guns form units of 2 to 10 people and make friends that can help you when it hits the fan.