Mexico's U.N. ambassador promotes North American Union

From this:
U.S.-Mexico relations could remain paralyzed unless leaders of the two nations and Canada formalize a North American partnership — akin to the European Union — before the U.S. baby boomer retirement wave hits in the next eight years, a ranking Mexican diplomat said here Tuesday.

Enrique Berruga, Mexico's ambassador to the United Nations, shared his perspectives on the current and future U.S.-Mexico relationship at a panel discussion at the University of Texas at San Antonio Downtown Campus.

It was organized by the UTSA Mexico Center and the San Antonio campus of Mexico's National Autonomous University.

Noting that both countries depend on each other economically, Berruga urged leaders to see the big picture and put petty politics aside for the region's benefit.

[...don't build a fence, send Mexico money...]

"We will be together forever and we need to make the best out of it," Berruga said.

...Economist Mauricio Gonzalez chipped away at what he called the myth of the negative impact of illegal immigration on the United States...

...He works for the San Antonio-based North American Development Bank — created as part of the North American Free Trade Agreement, signed in the Alamo City in 1992.

..."NAFTA was a very important first step, but we need to start thinking outside the NAFTA box," González said.

Panelist Robert Rivard, editor of the [San Antonio] Express-News and a former Newsweek correspondent in Latin America, spoke of the lingering impact of 9-6 — that is, Sept. 6, 2001, five days before the terrorist attacks, when the U.S. and Mexican governments were on the brink of a far-reaching immigration deal that has since become a pile of dusty paper...

...[...holds out hope that Calderon will get an "accord"...] "People of peace can't build walls between each other," Rivard said...


the enemy inside this so called government, if you can't see it that is sad. someday this nation will be in some third world history book.

Part of the appeal of the New North American union & new money denomination will be the annihilation of the dollar which has already occurred but is held in abeyance by our trade "partners" like communist China.

The Chinese are perfectly willing to prop up the dollar as long as we commit economic & cultural suicide and still sell them assets they can take income from, the second we change direction and limit immigration they'll dump the debt we can never pay off and move on to the next whore-country that will sell out it's citizenry to Chinese "investors".

China even has the population to "buy" Africa & Latin America and back it up with a local ethnic Chinese population backed by the Chinese army, look at Panama if you have any doubts, in less than 10 years they've replaced the indengenious population and bought a controlling interest in all the property in Panama, ditto for a large swath of mineral rich Africa.

The Chinese aren't burdened by "White guilt" either, they'll gleefully purchase 100% of the valuable assets of Africa & think nothing of booting locals from their own continent and replacing them with harder working more educated & compliant foreigners-and why shouldn't they, it's legal.

He admits that U.S.-Mexico relations 'remain paralyzed', and in what condition; war, or general dysfunction?
In either case, this is the most complete humiliation for the administration, which appears to prize internationalism especially with Mexico, as some special gift or competence of theirs.
Bush has been pretending that we have good relations with Mexico, but ask their government and they say the opposite.
Haven't they withdrawn from the Rio pact, joining Cuba even in the death rattle of Castro?
Bush calls Mexico an ally, but they declare war over and over, and ever clearer terms.
What would a union with such a hostile country have to mean?
If they are planning to combine military forces with such an enemy nation, how traitorous is that?