Comments too hot for the Sacramento Bee

Like some other newspapers, the Sacramento Bee allows readers to leave comments on their stories, and on Saturday I left two comments on the story "Dash of salesmanship: In Mexico, governor blasts border fence plan" (discussed here; article here).

Neither comment has shown up, and I'm going to assume neither was approved. Certainly this might have been a technical problem, but it might also be due to the (just slightly) hostile nature of my comments. Nevertheless, neither comment was abusive, used foul language, or anything similar. So, I've written to ombud *at* for an answer.

-- COMMENT 1 --
First, various people are working to make sure that "joestalin" gets his wish. There are already plans underway to join the U.S., Mexico, and Canada into a greater union. Bye bye U.S.A., hello NAU:

As for the article, perhaps the SacBee should consider asking a few tough questions here or there. For instance, why is a U.S. governor going to a foreign country to try to reach out to U.S. citizens of Mexican descent? Shouldn't those U.S. citizens be encouraged to think of themselves as completely American? Isn't this an example of that assimilation difficulty Arnie spoke about recently?

And, since Gloria Romero was there, perhaps the SacBee could ask her about the resolution passed by the CA Senate that supported foreign citizens marching in our streets. Isn't foreign citizens making a show of force inside a country generally considered a very bad thing, and aren't those who promote such marches generally considered, well, Quislings?

-- COMMENT 2 --
Which business leaders/groups were along for the ride, and what other links do they have to Arnold and how much money have they contributed to him? Why hasn't that been covered? (I'm going to guess that one of them is Luanna Hallstrom, can that be confirmed? Will the SacBee cover any other links she has, assuming she went along?)

Note that her actual name is Luawanna Hallstrom. Since the SacBee - as well as all the other sources along for the ride - won't do their jobs, we don't know whether she or others from the Western Growers Association were there.


Same thing's happened to me on other sites, although I'm also not sure if it was a technical/innocent error or not.