Fred "Shifty Eyes" Barnes on comprehensive immigration reform

Over the weekend, Fred Barnes and Morton Kondracke - hosts of Fox News' Beltway Boys show - gave the video version of their claim that the election results mean that voters want "comprehensive immigration reform". Here's a summary, and here's another one:

Barnes just touted himself while grasping his chest ("manly style") that he "is a Conservative" (he's not) and that Ronald Reagan "wasn't opposed to illegal immigration" -- that "the rejectionists" (as both Kondracke and Barnes call those who oppose illegal immigration and seek border security) "were defeated" and that "even the Weekly Standard supports" open borders.

When he said the bit about Reagan his eyes oscillated wildly back and forth and he gave the tiniest glimpse of a smile. This time that strange activity was even more pronounced than the earlier instance I pointed out. Now, maybe he's got some kind of a nervous tic or something. But, the explanation I find much more likely is that he knows he's full of it.