Please read this before voting

If terrorists are able to infiltrate the U.S. and carry out attacks, few other issues on the table in this election will matter. Every proposal that groups of voters support - from lower taxes to universal healthcare - is predicated on the internal security of the U.S. Protecting the U.S. from attacks at home should be the first priority of all of our political leaders, but unfortunately it is not.

The Bush administration, the GOP leadership, and almost all Democratic leaders have been negligent in this regard, placing other interests ahead of the security of the U.S. The Bush administration has allowed millions of illegal aliens to enter the U.S., including hundreds, perhaps thousands from 'special interest countries'.

Two Hezbollah terrorists have even entered illegally from Mexico, as detailed in this recent House report (PDF file). I urge you to read that file and send it to everyone you know.

Many Democrats have responded by pretending to support border enforcement and homeland security, but if you analyze their policies as I have, you will see that they simply aren't serious about these issues. What they propose will only make the situation worse and encourage more illegal immigration.

I have been sharply critical of the Bush administration for their negligence in this matter and for their other failures, but at the same time almost all Democrats have not offered a viable alternative.

Many House Republicans have, however, realized the importance of this issue and have fought against the Bush administration, the GOP leadership, and the Democratic Party.

I urge you to support those House Republicans who support real immigration enforcement, as well as select other Republicans who are in races where their opponents are markedly worse. If a Republican has ever promoted Bush's "comprehensive immigration reform" plan, make sure the Democrat is much worse before voting.

Sending a message is fine, but please bear in mind that some things are more important.

I've included below my suggestions. Some of these are not full endorsements, and in many cases these are votes against their opponents. This is a slightly expanded list of the one that was presented before (I added Mountjoy, McClintock, Bilbray, and Munsil):

*** Governor ***
- Art Olivier (L,CA) (against Arnold Schwarzenegger/Maria Shriver/Karl Rove)
- Lynn Swann (R,PA) (against America's most anti-American governor, Ed Rendell)
- Jim Barnett (R,KS) (against Kathleen Sebelius; also 1,2)
- John Faso (R,NY) (against the odious Eliot Spitzer)
- Tim Pawlenty (R,MN) (against Mike Hatch; provisional: 1,2)
- Len Munsil (against Janet Napolitano)

*** Senate ***
=== Dick Mountjoy (against Dianne Feinstein; a very long shot)
- Michael Steele (R,MD) (against Ben Cardin)
- Rick Santorum (R,PA) (against Bob Casey; video at the link; see also a video I made)
- Mike Bouchard (R,MI) (against Debbie Stabenow)
- George Allen R/James Webb D (VA): toss-up (while the anti-Allen smears are disgusting, if Webb is opposed to illegal immigration that might be interesting)

*** House ***
- Tom Tancredo (R,CO) (against Bill Winter)
- Tan Nguyen (R,CA) (against Loretta Sanchez)
- Randy Graf (R,AZ)
- Russell Pearce (R,AZ)
- J.D. Hayworth (R,AZ)
- Peter King (R,NY) (against Dave Mejias)
- John Hostettler (R,IN) (against Brad Ellsworth)
- Tom Davis R/Andrew Hurst D (VA): provisional toss-up, see this
- Brian Bilbray (R,CA)

*** CA Assembly ***
- Tony Dolz 41st (against Julia Brownley: 1,2,3)

*** Misc ***
=== Tom McClintock for CA Lt. Governor
- Debra Bowen (CA Secretary of State) (against Bruce "MALDEF" McPherson)

For the immigration-related votes or viewpoints of other candidates, see this site.


For CA Secretary of State, you might consider Glenn McMillon:

Seems like he's great on immigration.