Democratic Texas/Mexico/Aztlan flyer confirmed?

I'm sure you all remember this classic:

texas democrats return texas to mexico aztlan

That flyer - showing Texas and Mexico rejoined - was supposedly passed out at the April 9, 2006 illegal immigration march in Dallas. At the time, I wondered whether it was a real poster or a fake.

Now, someone has sent an email to one Sarah from and says they've received the following reply:

"Yes it is likely one that we produced. I can't seem to get to the part of the site that explains the context of why they showed it though."

Not exactly a full admission, and they might backtrack, but at the very least we can say they haven't disowned it.


John S Bolton is right, also mexico is helping to take us down for the ideals of evil doers and many on the Left and Right are helping in our deaths.

Apparently the left sees Mexican revanchism as a a way to recruit democratic voters to some extent, or this would not happen.
Imagine how much publicity there would be if supporters of republican candidates showed America reunited with Britain on their handbills, that were given to British immigrants.
Mexican irredentism and its ties to the left, and the moderate left, gets a free pass from the media.
It is also well-nigh inconceivable that a professor or any official in the pay of the government would publicly complain of this.
That is, of this special tolerance for Mexican irredentism against our territory.
All of which indicates the possibility that power-seekers hope to use violent conflict between racial and ethnic groups here, to win a chance for dictatorship.
Little do the mexican illiterates suspect how they would be used as cannon fodder to put others into power.