Atlanta Federal Reserve tries dodge on indirect support for illegal activity

Yesterday Lou Dobbs covered (alternate) the story of the U.S. Federal Bank trying to profit from indirect illegal activity by making it easier for illegal aliens to send remittances back to Mexico:

The Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank, which runs the Directo a Mexico program, says immigration laws are not its area of focus.

Congress oversees the Federal Reserve, and if one of their banks tries to pass the buck in this way then they should either be sued or Congress should make sure that they understand the "illegal" part of "illegal immigration".

Please write your representatives and demand that they take actions to make the Fed drop this program. If you contact your reps, leave their responses below.



I wrote Jeff Sessions today, and I recommend that everyone reading this blog also writes his/her senator and Congressman. I'd like to see the head of the Federal Reserve before Congress to make an explanation as to why he's aiding and abetting illegal aliens.