UK: Hardline Muslim teacher now national school inspector

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From this:
A hardline Muslim teacher who caused a furore by denouncing pupils for celebrating Christmas [at Washwood Heath Secondary School in Birmingham] has been made a Government schools inspector.

Israr Khan's Ofsted appointment was described by a former colleague as 'absolutely astonishing'...

...It has been claimed that Washwood Heath school was then a 'hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism'. Rashid Rauf - the airline terror bomb suspect whose extradition is currently being sought from Pakistan - was a pupil there at that time...


Meanwhile, Muslim cab drivers at the Minnesota airport are refusing to drive passengers carrying alcohol--and the airport is accomodating them!

I am shocked about this Islamo extremist getting the post in the UK as National School inspecter. It seems as though liberalism is embracing Islamofascism slowly but surely.

That's what happens when a country pretends that there is no undesirable immigration.