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From @TomSteyer
Imagine thinking the best man for the job—any job—is Rudy Giuliani.
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From @chris_cmh6473
@TomSteyer @everyhumanknows Giuliani should be convicted for impersonating a government employee by faking White Ho…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@chris_cmh6473: Rudy's extremely vulnerable to MAGA on Rockefeller, TTC, National ID, amnesty, etc. You don't know about those because @TomSteyer etc are too keen on helping Trump. Ejecting Trump is nearly numerically impossible. Anything less than ejecting him just helps him.
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From @ericswalwell
I don’t want to give up on these cities, and I don’t want the cities to give up hope...the time to act is now.
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From @SistahSHE
@ericswalwell @everyhumanknows Good on you Eric Swalwell, your integrity is much needed, & will go a long way
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@SistahSHE: @ericswalwell isn't just a self-hating racist, he's racist against all other whites. Voters have caught on to how toxic he is: despite more CNN appearances than probably any other recent candidate, he's stuck at 0%.
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From @everyhumanknows
RT @WestWingReport: As someone who worked in Moscow during the Soviet era - this is flat out, Orwellian, Soviet-style censorship. Deeply di…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Did other sources also omit that or other parts of the confab, yes or no? I'd have integrity to admit it might be a mistake, what about you? MT @everyhumanknows MT @WestWingReport: [Trump admin allegedly omitting part of Putin/Trump confab, eto] Soviet-style censorship