NYT's Rachel Swarns spews Dem talking points at BYU

On Thursday, Rachel Swarns of the New York Times spoke about immigration in a lecture at Brigham Young University. Here's one of her quotes:

"Almost everyone agrees that the current system isn't working, but whether or not we as a nation are going to come to some solution with how to fix that still remains unanswered."

I discussed this talking point usually used by supporters of "comprehensive" reform here; see also John McCain and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. And, here's Tamar Jacoby: "we must fix our broken immigration system". Finding worthies such as George Bush, David Brooks, et al saying almost the same thing is left as an exercise

Swarns goes on:

"Now everyone knows that we're a nation of immigrants, and when you think of mass migration to the United States, we often think about the early 1900s and the ships pulling into New York City."

In her quest to "peel away the layers", she might consider disclosing the whole truth about those she quotes as well as looking a bit deeper into the story, such as who encourages illegal immigration and why.


They're also NYT talking points.

How is it that the census doesn't know that we're a 'nation of immigrants', considering that they report around 10% foreign-born?
If 'immigrants' includes those whose ancestors came here during the Ice Age, or as colonists during the colonial era, maybe the land is to be called an immigrant in that sense as well, and this is an immigrant of nations?
The floating island which 'immigrates', past the statue of immigration, I mean the statue of what's it called, uh, Bartholdi's wallspace for graffiti vandals...