Katie Couric's PIIPP promotes anti-American DREAM Act

It looks like Katie Couric is spreading pro-illegal immigration propaganda. Last night, CBS Evening News' "freeSpeech" segment featured an illegal alien whose identity was concealed. This was the video version of one of the other PIIPPs ("pro-illegal immigration puff pieces") discussed in this category, and like many of the others it promoted the anti-American DREAM Act. In fact, from their page on the segment:

His future and the future of thousands of other students who have grown up in the U.S. depends on the Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act (DREAM Act) now pending in Congress. For more information visit the website, www.dontjustdreamact.com.

For future reference: the first link also describes another "freeSpeech" segment featuring Los Angeles Times reporter Sonia Nazario promoting illegal immigration.


I like being over emotional when it comes to this idea, of evil doers, the end game is the mass killing of this nation and its people by the third worlds people, and by the way don't any of you get the fact that the USA Is dead? its being called the former USA In many places on earth like Mexico city, what do you think will be the next move? the north american union.

oh yes see alex jones and savage nation and start to see it like it is! and John S. Bolton, most of the people that rule over us are in fact foreign criminals, see muslims in congress and mexico city inside the white house!

I don't like being given emotional appeals like these 'news items' which are really anti-american dreamers' propaganda.
Why can't they be for America first?
If they could they would realize that throwing such favors on foreign criminals increases the damage on the net taxpayer of this country.