AVWatch: Villaraigosa "declares war" on KFI's John & Ken

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Los Angeles' Democratic mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, in a true statesmanly move, has sharply criticized KFI hosts John & Ken for their opposition to illegal immigration. He made the remarks at yesterday's National Hispanic Media Coalition "Impact Awards" luncheon. KTLA showed the tape of his tantrum to John & Ken, and the latter compared it to a "declaration of war" on them. From the TV news report (tinyurl.com/m5v67) here are just some of the Mayor's comments:
Let me just take a moment, with the cameras rolling... John and Ken... two people who get on the radio every day... who share a committment to dividing America... who demonize our immigrants... let us say to them, shame on you. Shame on you for dividing America.

But, make no mistake, like the people that we honor here today, we will stand up, we will speak out, we will do it the right way. Speaking out on behalf of an America that's bigger and better than the rhetoric that you put on your radio waves every single day.
His full remarks were played on KFI and included a shoutout to Tony Valdez, KTTV's "Reconquista Reporter".

It hardly needs to be mentioned that Tony Villar's use of the word "immigrants" is misleading: what J&K discuss is massive illegal immigration. Perhaps he's still upset about the toilet brushes they encouraged their listeners to send him.

It's also ironic that he accuses J&K of "dividing America" while speaking at a Hispanic awards show to an audience of largely or almost exclusively Hispanics. Note also the use of the word "our" when speaking about largely Hispanic illegal aliens. While one of the hosts was black (DJ Big Boy), one wonders exactly how many non-Hispanics have received those awards. Unfortunately, those who are so deeply steeped in far-left ideology as our mayor would be unable to see just how ironic it is.

One wonders also what he means by "the right way", and what he has in mind as "the wrong way". Perhaps he was thinking back to his college radical days.

Note that one of the awards went to "The top Los Angeles Spanish language DJ's who encouraged the peaceful immigration marches", presumably refering to those that took place on March 25. (nhmc.org/4thImpactAwardsLuncheon.htm)

Not only is Antonio Villaraigosa a rising star in the Democratic Party, but he's obviously a strong supporter of illegal immigration. Whether he even admits that there's a distinction between the legal and illegal varieties of immigration is unclear; while he's half-heartedly renounced his involvement, he's a former president of the UCLA chapter of MEChA (the group that wants to "liberate Aztlan").

After being elected, he told a Mexican paper that Mexico would play an important role in his policies, and he indicated that he would not try to prevent illegal immigration in any way. And, in case you aren't in Los Angeles, he's got a warning for you: "take a snapshot of Los Angeles and in 25 or 30 years so will go Topeka, Kansas and Des Moines, Iowa."

I would suggest using Villaraigosa to our advantage. Not only is he useful to discredit his supporters (such as Richard Riordan and the Los Angeles Times as well as lesser lights) every time he says something we should point out that he's a Democrat. The Democratic Party considers him a rising star, and that fact should be shouted from the rooftops.


Such a shameless promoter of minority hate politics deserves to be buried in used brushes of the kind he had not the dignity to not call attention to the function of, in the first instance.
If the democrats see him as a worthwhile part of their future, they don't have one.