Justice for the Border Patrol (Compean/Ramos)

A new site from FAIR has a petition you can sign supporting the two Border Patrol agents who appear to have been railroaded: Justice for the Border Patrol.

It contains this interesting quote from Sen. Dianne Feinstein:

"It appears that the facts do not add up or justify the length of the sentences for these agents, let alone their conviction on multiple counts. Border agents often have a difficult and dangerous job in guarding our nation's borders. Undue prosecution of Border Patrol Agents could have a chilling effect on their ability to carry out their duties."


"Legal defense fund started for convicted Border Patrol agents"

Ramos/Compean case: Bonner responds; Hostettler, Sensenbrenner will look into it

"Petition seeks pardon for agents"


The border agents are a side issue, Bush should be impeached for his criminal immigration policies.