The GOP needs your help to damage the U.S.

Chairman Mehlman has issued an urgent plea:
Dear ______,

Our immigration system is broken. And we need your help to fix it.

In his address to the nation last night, President Bush showed the way to getting real results on this difficult issue. We need your help today to stand up in support of the President's bold plan. Sign the petition and call your Senators and Representatives to demand immediate action on comprehensive immigration reform...
Here's the Fact Sheet: Overview: Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Obviously, it's extremely easy to rip that fact sheet to shreds, but just consider the bit about holding employers accountable.

You don't need something similar to a national ID card to do that. There's a voluntary program that currently a very small number of employers use to verify SSNs. And, there are 500,000 people all using an SSN with all zeroes. It's much easier to do workplace enforcement than Bush says. And, if he won't do workplace enforcement now, should anyone trust him when he says he'd do it after his "reforms" are passed?

There are also some very highly redacted supportive comments from others here:


That's it, I unsubscribed permanently.

you know this time reminds me of a movie called THX, MADE BACK IN THE 1970'S We all take but do nothing, that is what bush wants, "do nothing and die", hell like good like little people.

bush is as evil as bin laden after all bush is doing bin laden's work for him.

All the talk about securing the border, holding employers accountable, etc etc etc, yada yada yada, is the Bush administration's version of the The Big Lie (one of them, anyway). Doing all of that is no more important today than it has been all along during the last 5 years, when it could have and should have been done, especially after 9/11. It's important to cynically crank up the lie machine now in this shamelessly politically opportunistic way in order to give a boost to the guest slash temporary worker slash amnesty (err, earned legalization) plan.

now listen up, the USA Is dead, it may not look that way to YOU, "but think", in 5 years we will have 30,000,000 more poor from all over south america and mexico, about ten percent will be gang members, in 10 years 80,000,000 more with 30 percent gang members, within 20 years 300,000,000 million hispanics and that is the total death of the USA, But long before that within 5 years Aztlan will be allow to start for political peace and freedom of the political leaders ( read rats of evil bin laden guys 9-11 planners if you know what i mean?) the people of this non nation will all get the plan but no one will be able to do anything, becuase the system will have become a total police state like red china is now.
so be happy in the last little bit of freedom, enjoy your life, but not for long my children its time to die for most of you who would not see and we who did see 30 years ago, "sad world 2006", the end has come, from this point on I call this place the former USA. Cry for all the dead who loved this place that was once a land of freedom, murdered by bush.