Harry Reid strongly opposed illegal immigration. In 1993.

There's a very long statement from Harry Reid here. It's from 1993, back when he was even more of a border hawk than Rep. Tom Tancredo. Since that time he claims he realized the error of his ways, which explains his current immigration policy which - oddly enough - meshes quite nicely with Mexico's current emigration policy.

If you have a chance to attend any appearance by Harry Reid, I'd suggest printing up copies and passing them out or even asking him about it in the unlikely event that you get the chance. Here's just a small snippet of his thoughts of the time:
...And these are not racist people who are raising this issue...

...I wish the statements I have been making were some kind of a nightmare or dream, an aberration. But they are true. But they do not stop. Not only do we admit more than these 100,000 people each year without knowing who they are or why they came, we actually give them all the documents they need to simply disappear into our society.

I live in a suburb of Washington. It is near the CIA. There, if you drive down Dolley Madison Boulevard, people have placed there a little memorial for the people who were gunned down earlier this year by a man by the name of Mir Amil Kanzi, a Pakistani citizen. He entered the United States illegally, lived here for a year as an illegal alien, obtained a new passport from the government he claimed to fear, and yet he was still able to show up at an INS office in Virginia and file a claim of political asylum. Was this guy given a quick hearing and sent home? No. He got work authorization, a social security card, a driver's license, and the ability to obtain an AK-47 assault rifle and gun down CIA workers.

We hear from the American people when they appear in Town Hall meetings, [*S11998] or when students at universities and high schools all over this country write to us. They are not imagining things. They are not, as some apologists for the status quo contend, trying to blame immigrants for their problems. They are simply recognizing facts. America's immigration policies are in a shambles, and they should be fixed, and we can no longer ignore them.